Game Addiction & Faith Talk

Poh Xing Yong & Ruth Lim

About this Session

Ruth Lim & Poh xing yong 

How does family shape the gaming lifestyle of a child and youth? And, how can the Christian faith community affect a gamer’s lifestyle and faith? Through the testimonies of Poh Xing Yong and Ruth Lim, we will discuss more about gaming, family, and faith community.


Born to a Christian family, RUTH LIM was exposed to Christianity from a young age and decided to commit to Christ in her late teens. She played more than 200 games when she was in Secondary School to the point where she feared there were no more games that will satisfy her. Game was life to her as she pursued everything related to game. Ruth is now an Esports Coach. She coached competitive teams in DOTA 2 and FIFA Online that have represented Singapore in various international leagues and Team Impunity FIFA Online 3 came in 3rd in EA Champions Cup (EACC) Winter Cup 2016. In 2018, her encounter with God convicted her to surrender her past to Him and seal her identity in Christ through baptism.

POH XING YONG struggled with game dependency since Primary school. He skipped school to game and even ran away from home. Despite not being born into a Christian family and initial resistance from his family, he eventually gave his heart to Christ during his secondary school years. Even so, he continued struggling with gaming. His academic results and gaming went through drastic ups and downs with high and low moments. By divine leading, he ended up studying Psychology uncertain where it will lead him. Now, Xing Yong aims to help others overcome their similar struggles in game dependency using his past experiences and background in Psychology. Ruth and Xing Yong will share more about their stories where games were their key companion in their growing up years. Through their struggles, motivations, and deep needs within, we will discuss more about how family and faith community affects gamers and explore what are some ways we can extend support and love to gamers among us.

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