by Khoo Oon Theam

The Bible clearly states that revelations, visions and prophecies are of the Lord (2 Corinthians 12:1). They are downloads from our Heavenly Father (Matthew 16:17) to the sons of God (Romans 8:19).
Where there are no revelations (vision) the people cast off restraints (perish) (Proverbs 29:18). We are instructed not to despise prophecies (1 Thessalonians 5:20). Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book (Revelation 22:7).

Throughout the years, God has been releasing His revelations, visions and prophecies to the leaders of the Fellowship. These are keys to giving purpose and direction.

VISION INTENSIFIES: A New Wave of Revival by Demos Shakarian

In his last published book before he passed on to glory, Demos shared the BREAKTHROUGH revelations to his partners in the Fellowship. He wrote: “God has shown me that He is going to have a people…a powerful people willing to participate in this final hour of end time spiritual history…A New Wave of Revival. A prepared people to serve Him in POWER and who are willing to HEAR and OBEY His will.”


FGBMFI was a good idea, and God has blessed it.
But the WORLD? Yes the World!”
“That’s the Vision. And the VISION INTENSIFIES.”


He ended with a prayer :
“Heavenly Father, forgive us if sometimes our eyes have focused on men, on chapters, or on buildings. We ask that You will help us FOCUS ONLY ON YOU and Your Mandates for our lives. What is Jesus’ Mandates and how are they aligned to ‘The Vision Intensifies’?


In 2003, when the Holy Spirit instructed us to re-dig the old wells, He clearly decreed that it will be a ‘New Work, Quick Work and Anointed Work.’ He later gave us a renewed Vision and Mission that is aligned to Jesus’ Mandates and Vision Intensifies


FGB Gatekeepers Singapore is a body of believers empowered by the Holy Spirit to transform the culture of nations through discipling men and women for the work of the Kingdom.


Evangelise:    Reach men and women in all nations for Jesus Christ
Empower   :  Baptise believers with the Holy Spirit and Fire
Equip           :  Train and disciple believers to fulfil the Great Commission
Enlarge        :  Multiply disciples and enlarge our reach and spheres of influence
Extend         :  Establish and advance the Kingdom of God in the marketplace, cities and nations

The Lord also gave us a series of visions and revelations, over the years, in regard to how He was going to journey with us over the past 40 years and beyond (the book, ‘Unfolding His Story’ details the past 40 years history of the Fellowship).

1973 –  Vision of a Fruitful Tree with numerous birds resting on the tree, refreshed, revived and flew off

1973-1975 – Saw a wave of the charismatic revival in Singapore


1980 –  Battleships sailing from Singapore shores to 13 Asian countries and globally

1983 – First Asian Convention in Singapore


2003 –  Re-dig Old Wells  :  New Work, Quick Work and Anointed Work


2007 – Open Heavens. River of Life flowing from the throne of God into the cities and nations.


Focus :
Reformation (1517)
By God’s grace we are saved through faith in Christ Jesus. The ultimate focus is not in making converts but making disciples.


Focus :
Azusa Street (1907)
Holy Spirit
With the Azusa Street revival, there is greater awareness of the empowering and demonstration of the work of the Holy Spirit and in signs and wonders



Charismatic Movement (1960)
Healing, Deliverance and Evangelism
The Charismatic Movement spread into all denominations, with saints equipped in spiritual gifts for the work of the ministry.


Church Growth (1980)
Teaching and Shepherding
During this era, we saw the growth of mega churches and the concept of home cells. There is also a greater unity amongst Christians from different denominations.


Kingdom of God (2000)
Apostolic and Prophetic
This is the era where we see the Kingdom of God being preached and being extended into every sphere of society through the 7 Gates or Mountains. As this is the current focus of Gatekeepers Singapore, the mission statements of the Fellowship have been intensified to include the renewed understanding and demonstration of the power and glory of the Kingdom of God.


Several well-known apostles and prophets have spoken over Singapore and her destiny in God’s plans.

Billy Graham
Billy Graham prophesied in 1979 that Singapore would be the “Antioch of Asia”.

Dutch Sheet
(We are at a) significant place in history. All of Asia is at a most critical juncture in history. God is about to pour out the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in history. All of time. Most of the harvest reaped will be in Asia. This will be the finest hour, the Esther season for Asia. This is the time for which the believers in Asia were created (for). The Church in Asia will lead the way in the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I believe that Korea plays a very significant part and I believe that Singapore plays a very significant part.

(It is) very important to recognise where we are in the process.

Going from age to age, season to season. God said I have moved on into the next season and I am trying to move the church along with Me. The old season is coming to an end and I am trying to transit you into a new season. The phrase I heard God use is: “The ages are trying to connect. The past age, the next age.”

“And of the Sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.” (1 Chronicles 12:32) (Sermon at Cornerstone Community Church, 7 June 2014)

David Damien
Singapore you are a variety, different facets of a diamond. China is looking to Singapore because we are not one race but walking together in a way which China wants.
Singapore is always a puzzle for me, small but with such great influence.
I need Korea and I need Singapore. They are two strong horses for Me. They are very strong horses, I have raised them up to be stallion horses, powerful horses but I cannot control them. I am a rider but I cannot control them.
The time for Singapore has come, in 2015 the Lord will not pass you by. Singapore: in fact you carry the nations more than you think. By the fact of your destiny, and your calling and also, what Billy Graham said, Singapore is not just to become a prosperous nation but to be a blessing to the nations. It is in your D.N.A… Gather the Asian nations together because the next wave of the move of the (Holy) Spirit is coming out from the East. Out of Asia. So gather them because it’s time for alignment. (2015 lunch meeting at Bishop Gate)

Patricia King
God’s eye is on Asia in this hour. The church in Asia is going to rise up as a mighty force of believers who will impact nations for Christ like never before. Out of Asia will be an emergence of apostles, prophets and revivalists who will move in Kingdom power to transform entire villages, cities, regions and nations. Asian believers will possess and occupy strategic places in the seven mountains of influence world-wide. Asian Christians will impact America in this hour and the Asian church will form stronger alliances with Israel. I feel God is calling me to bless Asia – to prophesy the emergence of this great company.

Bishop Bill Hamon
Two weeks ago, Bishop Bill Hamon was in our church and what a powerful and explosive meeting it was. Something in the spirit was transacted and we felt heaven creaking open towards the end as the church prayed. But at the start of the meeting, Bishop Hamon released a prophetic word over Singapore that we need to seriously ponder over and pray about.
One portion of the prophetic word on Singapore relates to its wealth. Through our intercession and prayer, we can avert and thwart the plans of the enemy so that our wealth can be preserved and released not just to propagate the Gospel but to do good and bless the poor.
Another excerpt talked about the need for a stable and strong political party that would allow for religious freedom. Bishop Hamon of course had no idea that Polling Day was just a few days away, but I think to a very large extent, because many Christians prayed, God intervened powerfully and the right party was retained in power. That is the Will of God. (Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong 19 September 2015)

Rick Joyner
Recently in a vision I saw this transition period between renewal and revival as a bridge between two fields…At the end of this field there was a bridge being constructed. It was being built with different size stones, from very large ones to those that were very small…Then stones representing cities in the Pacific and Asia became prominent. Singapore, Sydney, and Hong Kong, and a number of cities in India, all stood out to me because they were coloured like British flags. I believe that this represented British influence that in some way had prepared them for their destiny. (I later prayed about all of the British influence I saw on this bridge, and was reminded that the British were used to spread the English language and culture in preparation for what is coming, just as Alexander the Great helped spread the use of the Greek language in preparation for the spreading of the gospel in the first century.)