These are important platforms for the discipling of Gatekeepers in the marketplace. We meet weekly in small groups to be equipped for their responsibilities in transforming the world that God has placed them in.

The 8Ws

These Gate Meetings are conducted using the 8Ws format: Worship, Witness, Word, Works, Will, Way, Watch & Pray and Walk​.

Find Us!

In view of the Phase 2 measures in place, all Gate Meetings are held virtually. Please contact the Gatekeepers office for more information. See you online!

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The 8ws

These Gate Meetings are conducted using the 8Ws format: Worship ,Word, Works, Will, Way, Watch & Pray and Walk.


Coming in as Priest & Prophet. Going out as King with Thanksgiving, Repentance, Praise & Worship, Enquiry, Instructions and Send Out


Testimonies to glorify God in Personal, Family, Work and other victories in the Lord.


Rhema Word based on monthly-word theme and Discipling. Bible Reading, memorising and meditation. To listen to what the Spirit is saying.


Demonstrate gifts of the Holy Spirit with signs, wonders and miracles. Exercise gifts of Holy Spirit; declare His Word over circumstances & situations and resist the devil over temptations


God’s will, High calling & Destiny for your life. What are your dreams and visions?


Purpose & Plan for your Life, Living and Livelihood.


Intercede for the 7 Gates and seek God for breakthroughs through Prayer Evangelism. Watch out for attacks from the enemies. Pray unceasingly for God to intervene in your lives


Demonstrating God’s love and power in the world. Activate to fulfil Personal Mission, Purpose & Plan in your life.