How is the Gatekeepers Discipleship Program (GDP) conducted?

The Guidelines:

Disciplers-Disciples Ratio: 1 discipler to 2 or 3 disciples (max)

Location: Anywhere convenient and conducive out of FGB Gatekeepers office at the agreement of the disciple and disciples at their own discretion

Formal Contact Time: Minimum of 3 hours per month

(More catching up time can be arranged and encouraged between disciplers and disciples at their own discretion)

Duration: 1 year, with two 6 months Discipleship period and review at midterm

Program: Based on 8 Ws and Making Disciples Of All Nations (MDN) School materials.


What do I have to commit?

The Requirements & Prerequisites:

1) Current Gatekeeper

(Gatekeeper membership should not have expired during the discipleship program)

2) Completed FGB Gatekeepers’ Making Disciples Of All Nations (MDN) School

3) Regular attendance and participation in the following:
i) Watch & Pray – Once a month

ii) Gatekeepers Banquets, My Story @ The Pavilion and other YGK  events, eg The Mixes, The Gatherings

iii) Your regular marketplace gate meetings – Weekly

Here’s the FGB Gatekeepers’ Calendar for your reference

Other than stated requirements, there would be qualitative factors such as attitude, spiritual maturity etc as well. (Therefore a recommendation from your Gate Leader and/or the FGB Exco would be a pre-requisite)


What do I get out of it?

The Benefits:

1) Small-Group Discipleship (1 to 3 max) by Strategic Gatekeepers and Marketplace Gate Presidents (Seasoned Kingdom Ambassadors).

2) Small-Group Discipleship on Faithwalk in Marketplace and Gates based on FGB Gatekeepers’ 8Ws.

3) Knowing the Present Truths, Present Times, Present Trends

(Knowing God’s strategy for the nations through you!)