Why MDN?

The Making Disciples of all Nations (MDN) School was birthed by the Holy Spirit and launched by FGB Gatekeepers Singapore in 2012

This School’s Initiative is to do the will of the Father and in obedience to the mandate of Jesus Christ:

– Your Kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. (Matt 6:10)

– Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. (Matt 28:19)

The MDN Learning modules incorporate Jesus’ discipling approach “both to do and teach (Acts 1:1) and the apostles doctrine (Acts 2:42) pertaining to discipling program and process for believers who seek “to take up the cross and follow Him.” (Luke 9:23)


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Take Up! Come Out! Live Up! Fill Up! Walk Up!


Kingdom Identity, Inheritance & Imperatives. God & 2 Kingdoms. 

Keys of the kingdom: Be, Do, Have, Irrevocable Gifts & Callings.


The 3 Fathers in your life. 

Building Kingdom Families.

Transformation of Cities & Nations through redemption of Marketplace. Extend & Establish the kingdom ofGod to all Nations.


Making Disciples. Discipling Individuals. Discipling Teams. Discipling Kingdom Gates. Bulding an Altar. Discipling Nations.

Go, Make and Send Disciples.


What I have learnt in my first time attending the MDN, is that the Spirit does not stop at evangelism. It goes on from re-vangelism, to discipleship, transformation and influence.

Fong Hoong Heng
National President, FGBMF, Malaysia
It is an awesome experience.. the Lord began to open our eyes to the reality of His Calling on us as members of the great vision and His Call to us as the apostles to the marketplace and to occupy for Him the Seven Mountains (Gates) of human existence.

Ifeanyi Odedo
National President, FGBMF, Nigeria
It has equipped me with knowledge and renewed sense of purpose. It has given me tools and introduced me to family to support me in the Great Commission. God has also used the school to bless and empower me.

Dr George Manu
Gatekeepers, Ghana
In the past we have done a lot of evangelism without having a strategy for discipleship. I have been in FGBMFI, FGBMF(A), and BMF over the years but have never really seen a tangible strategy that we can implement as a Fellowship (for dicipleship). For the first time, I received that in the MDN course, and we will be implementing it and making disciples.

Phil Harrison
FGB Gatekeeperes, USA