R Lab| The Redemptive Enterprise

David Pong | Reuben Ang

About this Session

Jason Wong, Benny Bong, Carol Loi & Nicole Soh

A post-COVID-19 new normal has arrived. It’s no longer be business as usual. Nothing is spared, be they jobs or businesses and in response, Gatekeepers Singapore has launched a new initiative in the business gate called R-Lab.

Why R?

‘R’ refers to Redemptive, Ruach, Remember, Re-calibrate, Renewal, Revival, Reset, Restore, Resources. R-Lab seeks and grows redemptive enterprises through excellence, entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity for human flourishing and wellness.

The new normal requires ideation, prototyping, and adopting new solutions that are birthed through Kingdom laboratories. A laboratory is a testbed for various hypotheses, creative ideas, innovations, Biblical applications, etc. The R-Lab suite comprises a series of mentoring programs and events such as R.table, R.ally, R.meet, R.eboot, and R.start. We will explain more about them when launched in the future.

Two young entrepreneurs, David Pong, co-founder of Wateroam, and Reuben Ang, Managing Director of Hesed & Emet, the parent company of well-known caterers Elsie’s Kitchen and Continental Delight, will be sharing their journey towards a redemptive enterprise.

Panel Speakers:

David Pong

David is a social entrepreneur who believes in harnessing the power of business to drive social change and solve the world’s toughest problems. Having witnessed rural villagers across Asia who remain burdened by waterborne diseases even in the 21st century, David co-founded Water

Reuben Ang

After graduating from NUS with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Reuben worked in a Christian ministry for two years before joining Hesed & Emet in 2012, making him the third generation in his family to manage the business. As managing director, Reuben led the rebranding efforts of the company’s flagship brands, Elsie’s Kitchen and Continental Delight Catering Services.


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