R Lab

In response, Gatekeepers Singapore has launched a new initiative in the business gate called R-Lab  to help believers comprehend God’s purpose for work and business and help them navigate the new normal. 

Why R?

‘R’ refers to Redemptive, Ruach, Remember, Re-calibrate, Renewal, Revival, Reset, Restore, Resources.

R-Lab seeks and grows redemptive enterprises through excellence, entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity for human flourishing and wellness.

The Redemptive enterprise narrative raises the bar for businesses to go beyond financial returns and ethics to redemptive impact. The new normal requires ideation, prototyping, and adopting new solutions that are birthed through Kingdom  laboratories. A laboratory is a testbed for various hypotheses, creative ideas, innovations, Biblical applications, etc.

We have a creative God. He has made us in His image and we are co-creators with Him for His glory.

The R-Lab suite comprises a series of mentoring programs and events such as R.table, R.ally, R.meet, R.eboot, and R.start. We will explain more about them when launched in the future. 

Join us!

R.ally is a regular open meeting to rally people in business together with role models, practical handles, and exhortation to take action. 

Stay tuned to future webinars. If you’ve missed our previous session, catch the recording in the next tab.

If you’ve missed our previous session catch the recording here.