Unfolding His Story

Something big happened 40 years ago. Teenagers broke out into ‘tongues’ in school. Historic institutions like St Andrew’s Cathedral and Wesley Methodist Church turned into chaotic places of Charismatic worship. Prayer andBible study groups sprouted up along Shenton Way. People congregated in homes to experience more of the presence and power of God.

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The story of the charismatic movement in Singapore.

The Charismatic Movement changed the face of Singaporean Protestant Christianity. A Charismatic Christian community was formed. Channels of spiritual Revival were opened as crowds packed schools, homes, churches, stadiums and conference halls. Christianity became relevant to the citizens of a new nation, caught amid sweeping societal changes that were constantly forcing the Church to play ‘catch-up’.

Consonant with Singaporean aspirations for significance, success and unstinting progress, Charismatic Christianity revealed the tangible dynamism of a God who was constantly working in the personal and professional lives of His children. Believers were drawn to the compelling promise of lives miraculously transformed by the Holy Spirit, and a God who was moving Singapore towards her destiny as an ‘Antioch of Asia’.

Unfolding His Story is the first attempt to document the Charismatic Movement in Singapore in its entirety. God is still unfolding His Story here. He moved mightily. He shaped the present state of our nation. He can and will move again.