What are Gatekeepers?

There are 3 levels of Gatekeepers.

  1. Strategic Gatekeepers transform the culture of the Nations in the Seven Cultural Gates. To transform the culture means to bring in the values of God’s Kingdom represented by integrity, honesty, righteousness, charity, peace, and faithfulness into every sector of the nation.
  2. Marketplace Gatekeepers make disciples to disciple the 7 Cultural Gates.
  3. Young Gatekeepers (YGK) are cultural engagers who live out the Kingdom of God in the Seven Cultural Gates in our nations. They gather weekly at Gates Meetings for fellowship. In addition, qualified YGKs meet with Marketplace and Strategic Gatekeepers once a month for “Gatekeepers Discipleship Program” (GDP), to hear and discuss issues pertaining to the Kingdom of God and to be discipled according to Kingdom Principles in their Lives, Living & Livelihood.